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my dream car

Hey Guys I’m KD Mirna. this is my first post and i’m super excited to bring to you the information on what got me to where i am today. I love the car scene more than you know and love working in it. I am just a small town kid with the dreams of going big with my entrepreneurial endeavors.  I am just a young man looking to become a lamborghini team driver and what better way to get my feet wet is to get on the track and try my skills. I am a native to california and always have been a fan of the pacific coast highway. Would love to race it some day. I hope to one day move to italy. I am a speed junky and always looking for that next thrill. I am currently working at a performance shop in the inland empire and go to the dessert to hang with friends and race the dunes.

Whether it’s the street, track or trail i’m down to race whenever i can. That’s all for now kids and i will catch you on the next  post.

Stay tuned for more of my posts on my new site.


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Author: KD

I am a race junky thats all.

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