My friends lamborghini issue. Sorry Donovan.

Hey, guys I wanted to share with you a great story of a friend I have that lives in OKC that has a Lambo he uses for promotional and advertising shoots. He has a couple exotics and never really drives them because he is scared someone will scratch or dent them. So, all in all, he never takes them and drives them like he is supposed to. I mean, who the hell doesn’t go out and drive the hell out of a Lamborghini they paid a fortune for?

My friend Donovan, That’s who, he is so rich he can fix them all a hundred time’s over if he wanted, but that’ none of my business.

We were actually hanging out one weekend while I was there going to an OKC Thunder game with him and I begged him to take the Lambo out so we could go to the game in style. So he finally agreed after my hard sell and we were off. We decided to go downtown and eat before we went to the game and have a beer. We always to go to the same place, it’s a tradition and we are always taken care of there. Donovan knows the owner well. So we eat and then head out to go to the game and low and behold. Some jackwagon had put a good size door ding in Don’s Lambo door! I was speechless because I have never seen Don that color of red before. I was pissed as well because it was my idea to take it out in the first place.

We had time before the game started and he was so pissed he didn’t even want to drive it with a dent in it. So, He Google searched and found a guy that was actually open that he said had some great reviews. We drove over and the dude said it would be gone before we knew it. We sat down and hung out in the reception area of this place and chilled and I told Don I would cover the cost because I felt so bad. I also hoped this thing looked perfect because I know how anal Don is about his cars. The gentleman came in after about 30 minutes and said, “you’re all set.” I prayed it looked good like the reviews for this place did. We walked out to where it was and I couldn’t believe that he had pulled it off. I didn’t know what to expect really. So Don was ecstatic and I was relieved. The Day turned around and We were both pumped. I just want to thank the Gentleman at the Dent masters that saved my ass in that night. Oh yeah, and the OKC Thunder won. So we all had a great evening.lambo-dent-repair


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