The history of the iconic bull.

The Lamborghini history is quite the story. It all began in 1916 in Italy. all by the hands of one special man. Ferruccio Lamborghini. He was a creative genius when it came to sports cars. He was a very wealthy man that denied to create more than just tractors, which is how he amassed his wealth after wwII before his fiftieth birthday. By the early 1960’s Ferruccio was determined to build a sports car that would dominate the competition Ferrari. They called him crazy. Most people do that ever have the chance to meet a genius. They said that creating a car that expensive would cause him to squander his fortune and be broke. in 1962 he began working on the project then came “automobile Ferrucci Lamborghini.” He bought his huge plot of land in Sant’ AGAT Bolognese to build his ultramodern and sophisticated factory. It would be unrivaled in its field.

The huge complex was built so that the engineering department could see across the way the manufacturing operations and mr Lamborghini himself would go and roll up his sleeves and work on things that did not sit well with his vision.

The first model was to be of something special, an engine builder by the name of Giotto Bizzarrini would be selected to create the v12 engine, since being thew creator of the new west Ferrari engines. After a few more hand selected engineers where selected the 350 GTV was born. The year of 1964 was an amazing year for Lamborghini. 127 units where created and it hosted the new four-liter engine and first in-house created gear box. It had reached 273 units at its final production number. Today you  still see remnants of the old factory and its historic charm at the Lamborghini museum dedicated to Mr Lamborghini himself and a few of his works of art.

The man. The legend

1963-1964 350 gtv

2016 Hurican

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