So what a problem my buddy has on his hands now.

Last time I was in OKC and my buddy Donovan and I had been out for a night on the town and we ended up getting dinged in his new Lambo. Man, he pissed. Who wouldn’t be right? Anyhow he just called me last night to tell me that he was driving in some weather they were having down there. He said it started off just raining and then the wind picked up, All while driving his Lamborghini again, So he proceeds to tell me he got hailed on in the damn thing. I was like, Wholly crap. That sucks!!

He was like “damn man I have a $2500 deductible and its beat pretty bad with hail dents on the metal panels.” I pretty much told him to go back to the dude that hooked him up last time. But he said they were booked up for 6 months and can’t get anyone in for a while. He’s like, ” I gotta get this fixed like yesterday!!” So he calls his insurance and the smartass on the phone was like ” why are you driving a Lambo in a hail storm?” I’m sure he went off on them knowing Dono. So he got the claim all started and decided to try a shop in Edmond ( Auto Hail Damage Repair Edmond Oklahoma) not too far from downtown OKC. He gets the car there and they were like, “yeah dude we got you..”  SO three weeks later and he said he was so amazed that there wasn’t even a trace of a dent in his Lambos sheet metal. And he’s a picky bastard! So, all in all, I am glad he got the car fixed and didn’t have any problems. But, Damn man. Put it in the garage!! It’s a freaking Lambo SON!!

Donovans Lambo after hail repair






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